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Balance your budget. Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves. Sound advice you will have often heard. But don't ignore it just because it sounds familiar and boring.

Heeding that advice is the first step of taking control of your life. Don't you just feel put down by one hit after another, so get even, get prepared, go into battle and win.

Your goal has to be creating a defensive wall that will allow you to survive the hits that come along and live your life the way you want to. Ultimately you should create sufficient wealth to protect your way of life.

But it is all about balance, and it is possible to pursue wealth creation too far, so that in the extreme life can be dominated by the pursuit. Remember the goal is in two parts, creating wealth, but also using that position to live a satisfying life.

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Does your life seem full of problems?
Grab this opportunity to start making them go away.

The secret to happiness is yours to gain. All it takes is for you to take control of your life.

Stop following the slavish actions willed by others.

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