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Work in the broadest sense is about justifying your existence. The social economic framework of the current world expects most people to perform works of economic or social benefit in return for rewards, usually financial or in kind. Monetary value is placed on the worth of work and provides a fairly transparent measure, enabling a contract to work to be made.

The incidental benefits of work should be recognised. These include acquisition of skills and knowledge, and expansion of an individual's social network.

To reap all the benefits that work can bring, requires a positive and proactive attitude. Being prepared to put in extra effort and also being ready to take the opportunity of advancement.

By doing so you are playing the game on your terms. You must manage your boss. Make yourself indespensible. And think forward - bosses come and go, you never know who is going to be your next boss, so be careful who you upset.

The secret to happiness is yours to gain. All it takes is for you to take control of your life.

Stop following the slavish actions willed by others.