planning your  installation

Q. What if I don't have a website URL?
A. Ezeweb will generate your own URL as an extension to the ezeweb site:  www.ezeweb.co.uk/"yoursitename" accessed from anywhere on the Internet

Q. Can anyone on the internet gain access to my ezeweb site?
A. Yes, just tell your business contacts to type www.ezeweb.co.uk/"yoursitename".

Q. Can I use it for email purposes?
A. Yes you can, You can setup outlook express for mail purposes.

Q. Where is my web site?
A. It is on a secure 24 hours a day web server, provided by Datacomms Warehouse.

Q. What if I run out of space?
A. More space is available for a nominal cost.

Q. What happens after the two years is complete?
A. You can extend the contract for a nominal fee.

Q. What if I already have a web site?
A. You can cross link the sites, using your Ezeweb site to enhance your existing site by providing a DIY maintainable product catalogue and ordering service.

Q. Can I place my own pictures on my Ezeweb site?
A. Once you have filed your picture on your PC (from a digital camera, scanner or clip art), simply tell the administration web page for your site where you have filed it and it will be automatically uploaded and associated with the relevant web page of you site.

Q. Can you show me an example of a site?
A. This software is in use around the world. Here are some examples, and remember the important feature of the software is its ability to provide an effective business solution, and not rely on flashy gimmicks that would cost you unnecessary time and money to maintain.

  • example1
  • example2
  • example 3